Cheapest and Best Countries for Travelling During Holidays

Relaxing and unwinding yourself during the holidays is the way of dealing with your stressful lifestyle. With the high cost of accommodation and travelling, there is a great need for looking for alternative destination routines that are cheap. Planning for your vacation can greatly help you in saving money. This article is going to discuss some cheapest destinations that you can travel at an affordable cost.

The Gambia

This is a small West African nation. It is one of the apt destinations for those individuals who are looking for big adventures. You can check out chimpanzees and baboons with one US dollar. These apes are found at the River National Park. Another attracting feature in the Gambia is the famous Sanyand beach. It has peaceful views and affordable accommodation options.apes in Gambia


This is one of the exciting and scenic countries that you can explore. It has amazing sights and a rich heritage all of which are extremely affordable. In Indonesia, visitors have an opportunity of exploring the different islands and stay on them. Bali is one of the fascinating and popular islands in Indonesia. In addition to these, visitors can also explore the serene beaches and may temples. In this country, you can find cheap and quality accommodation with 10 US dollars.


This is one of the Asian countries that have a unique cultural and beliefs. It has many places attractive sites and sceneries where you can enjoy your holidays. You can plan your peaceful days and sunbath on the various beaches. Again, visitors can book accommodation and foods at low prices. You can easily land at the best hotels in India at an affordable price.


Budapest which is the capital city of Hungary is known for having one of the spectacular sites in the world. It has mediaeval castles where visitors can enjoy the wonderful or tremendous nightlife. The average cost for accommodation in Budapest is about 40 USD per night.Budapest


This is another cheap destination in Europe. Bulgaria is one of the countries that border the Black Sea. Drinks and foods in this country are very cheap. In this country, visitors are given an opportunity of experiencing the different delights at a low cost. It has many seaside resorts and sunny beaches where people can enjoy their relaxing vacations.


Greece has one of the best hotels that overlook the stunning waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a delight for individuals operating with tight budgets. You can also get a healthy tan by planning a boating trip.